Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's that time of year again - Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I posted this picture before but it is one of the only good ones I have of everyone. It's from Rocky Mountain National Park a few years ago. Today is my Dad's 71st birthday and I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I was a little late getting my card out, but at least the blog post was on time! So, if you can find the time, please stop in and see Dave today or in the next week and wish him a happy birthday!

I have been meaning to blog about my last visit to Michigan and Dad's recent trip to his cousin Richard's farm but I wanted to give a quick update on Katie first.

I think most of you know that Katie was diagnosed with a 4cm brain tumor while in Nashville for work. Maura and her two sisters flew to her side and Katie was flown back to Michigan on Tuesday. The tumor was quickly removed last week on Thursday. Katie did well in surgery and was released on Sunday. Can you believe how fast they release people these days? I am amazed at how she has come through this with such strength. Her and Maura have had a very rough year and this was one more storm that they were able to get through together.

Katie has been staying at her sister Laurie's while she recovers. I talked to Katie last night for the first time since I heard about the tumor. I hadn't called her previously because I figured she needed the rest and she had the support of so many sisters and family members but Maura said she is talking on her cell phone. Katie sounded incredible and has kept her good attitude about life and how lucky we all are to be alive. Her doctor thinks she is recovering very well. She did say it takes a little more time to think about simple things like writing, but all in all she is doing great.

She misses my dad and is going to go see him tonight for the first time. I know he has been worried about her and has been asking visitors for updates on how Katie is doing. Getting to see each other face to face will probably make them both feel much better. Maura baked a birthday cake, I can't believe another year has went by so fast. I have a trip planned in December but I want to plan another one in November too to give Katie and Maura and my Dad a hug in person. I thought I learned the lesson with my Dad's stroke that life is too short but I guess someone really wanted to drive that message home.

Katie is going to be recovering for quite awhile and won't be able to visit my dad every day like she has been since his stroke. I would ask you all to find the time to pay him a visit. He really only likes visits for about an hour or less, so it won't even take up very much of your time. Tell his friends that might not read this and encourage them to visit too. We would all be very grateful!

Please keep Katie in your thoughts as well - and wish her a speedy and healthy recovery!