Tuesday, March 1, 2011

December 2010 Visit

I feel so bad I never posted this after my visit in December. I wrote it on the way home but was waiting for some pictures from when we went out to dinner because everyone looked so nice and happy  (ahem, M, I'm still waiting...) and then I just forgot...I figured I better get this out before my next visit.

I just made an impromptu visit three weeks ago but I already had this trip planned. I flew in Friday afternoon and then had the not so bright idea to go from the airport to Mt. Clemens to visit my dad before doubling back to Ann Arbor for Bernie's Aunt's birthday dinner. I didn't find out until that morning that she would be in town on Friday and everyone was going out to dinner which of course I wanted to be there too. But I was only in town for 4 days and I didn't think driving extra miles was a good excuse for not visiting my dad first. 160 miles is not too heavy a price for seeing everyone, right? Right. Plus, there were cupcakes involved. It was totally worth it!

Bernie's cousins Karen & Jen & Auntie Ann
me, Uncle John & B's nephew & niece Zak & Arden
My dad was in very good spirits during my visits. He's getting a better grasp on time and an improved memory so he knew I was coming. Our visits were rather short this weekend. Friday I had a long drive ahead of me so he walked me out after about 30 minutes or so. When I told him I was going from Detroit to Mt. Clemens to Ann Arbor to Algonac he just said, "whoa" and gave me a look like, baaaadddd idea kid.

On Saturday Tanya and I went to visit my dad before heading out for some Christmas shopping. We chatted for awhile and Tanya got a few winks and then Dad wanted to go for a walk before lunch. As I've mentioned before he likes to check out all the common areas and when nothing was going on except people getting ready for lunch he basically took us downstairs and showed us the door. Heaven forbid we mess around with lunch time!  Dad said, "ok, now you go." I said no, we have time, we'll go back up to your room. Nope, "you go." Yes sir boss! Timing is critical - if we had went back to his room he wouldn't be able to walk us out without missing lunch and that wasn't about to happen :)

On Sunday when I was waiting for the elevator the doors opened and guess who was coming down to check things out...Dave. I brought some presents for Maura and Katie (from Dad) to show him what he got the girls for Christmas and then we wrapped them and I had him sign a couple of cards. He has a definite memory of how to sign David. But "Dad" seems to be out of his reach for now. He really didn't want to try too much. The strangest thing is, his handwriting is still the same! We went to Outback for dinner with Katie and Maura and due to the terrible weather they weren't that busy so we could actually hear each other talk. Dad looked pretty snazzy and Katie with her new pixie cut so we took a few pictures. I brought Katie a belated birthday card which the waiter saw and brought us a free desert - score! Who cares if her birthday was three weeks ago right? We hung out in Dad's room afterwards and had a great time. It is fun to see his personality shine though, he rolled his eyes at Katie and I found it pretty funny.

On Monday the roads were horrendous! It was so bitter cold. Coming out of Algonac I remember thinking, I should just turn around right now. The roads were solid ice. But I made it to see Dad and sat with him while he had lunch. I saw in the guest book that Dennis Wiese had been in for a visit and Barb and Gwen decorated his room with some lights and a little tree and a giant Rudolph, very cute. Katie looks like she is doing very well after her surgery, her spirits are very good. Maura is thinking about college already, September will be here before she knows it! Like always, Dad wanted to walk me out. It took a little extra time to get to the airport but I made it in plenty of time….not sure when my next visit will be, I need to get planning.

...okay, remember I wrote all that in mid-December so it is old news. More to come next time and I will remember my camera :) Let me know if you have any stories you want to share.