Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!

I haven't scanned in any old pictures yet so I'm limited with what I have to post. This picture of me and my Dad was taken at the cottage…looking back at older blog posts I posted it a couple years ago which means it really is time to get scanning…which is something I hate doing. So time consuming. I need to hire an intern. Or maybe I an trick Maura into coming to visit and looking at pictures. She loves to make fun of my 80's hair - which was awesome at the time by the way. Anyway, my Mom's handwriting is on the back with my comments in parentheses:

First sucker July (I assume 75?) Mom was away (but of course).  Given by Joyce Rosou.

As the story goes my Mom was super mad. Looks more like a cigarette to me which would have been a total 70's thing to do. And funny.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! See you soon!

I'm not sure how the "location" feature works on Blogger but I used Google Earth to zoom in on the cottage. Not sure why it calls the location the Baltimore Hwy because it is obviously the Sni. Anyway, there is a boat pulling into the canal :) Gotta love technology! Click on the "Location" link below and you can zoom in - the pointer is on Korneffel's island where we were standing, our cottage is the island in front of that one. And that is where I spent every day of every summer until college. With no phone. No internet. No cable. Just sun and swimming and water skiing…imagine...

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